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Do I have to attend classes to learn to skike ?

Yes and no. A lot of people have a history in ice or inline skating or other related sports, so they know how to balance and to master situations. For all other newbies it is recommended to take one of the trial classes (mostly for a low fee) or one of the beginner´s classes that offer a quite deeper introduction to the matter - coming with the advantage of getting close to other skikers in your area.

Where can I learn to skike ?

Licensed skike instructors can be found on this website within the Practice section. Those coaches offer introductory, beginner and advanced courses. Skikes and other equipment to hire is usually available at the class. Class schedules are displayed online while inscriptions must be executed directly with the instructors. They offer email, phone numbers and other means of contact / registration.

How about protective equipment?

In general it is advisable to wear always a helmet and gloves. Protectors with collision protection are also recommended for beginners and children. Skillful skikers and cross skaters prefer kevlar coated protectors. Always be aware that you can encounter unforeseen situations where you might need reliable protection since emergency braking can be become a challenge - even for experienced skikers.


Become a Trainer

Anyone who is capable athletically can become a trainer for skike. Yet to establish an economic subsistence with skike, you also require corporate capabilities, and the ability to expand your hobby into a flourishing career. Nontheless, it’s fun to associate with other people and to have the feeling of imparting knowledge unto them. Please don´t hesitate to ask us, as we can guide you towards others who have had success with this endeavor and can help you get in touch with them.

To become a skike trainer, only a few things are required:
- A passion for the art
- social, technical and teaching competence
- a drive for continious self-improvement
- conviction towards skiking
- completion of all types of courses offered by skike trainers

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