8 inch wheel green with reverse locks 12SG-MG-RLS

Spare wheel Cross Skating 8x2 inch / 200x50mm with green rim, Major Grip tires, tube, bearing and reverse lock


The green wheel CROSS 12SG-MG RLS is a complete, pre-assembled and ready to insert 8 inch spare wheel with reverse lock system that fits skikes and other cross skates on 8 inch base. The reverse locked ABEC7 wheel bearings are rubber sealed on both sides, lubricated and water protected. The backstop makes it easier to conquer slopes and saves a lot of energy when touring. The widely recommended Major Grip tire guarantees a high milage, rare failures and comes with a full offroad tread. The wheel is specifically designed for all terrain use, uphill and downhill. 4-5 bars of air-pressure present a fair balance between suspension and grip.

Characteristics wheel class : Ø 8 inch / 200mm rim: ultra-light 12-spoke plastic tires: 8 inch Major Grip (100 PSI) tread : offroad / cross bearings : Cross 6901 2RS 64 RLS (ABEC 7) inner tube : 8 inch, fixed anti-reverse : yes, built-in
Scope of delivery 1 tire Major Grip, Ø 8 inch / 200mm 1 rim 12SG green 1 ball bearing set Cross 6901 2RS 64 RLS with socket and distancer 1 tube 8 inch Reverse lock bulit in. The wheel is complete, pre-assembled and ready for installation.
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12 spokes rim
8 inch wheels (∅ 200mm)
All terrain
High Performance Plastic
Major Grip tires
Major Grip tires
Reverse locks
V9 Series
classic style
for mountains and off-road
for on-road use
gentle to ankles
pneumatic wheels
skating style
200 x 50 mm (8 x 2)
Rubber / Plastic
556 g
20.0 x 5.0 x 20.0 cm
20.0 cm
Position at skike
right, Left, front, rear
Wheelparts sufficient for
1 wheel
v9 FIRE 200, v9 TOUR 200
R9 WAHIA 200
F1 10X, F1 7X, F1 8X
third party skates
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