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Become a skike Trainer

Enroll for a licence class and offer your own courses

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Who can become skike instructor?

Basically every one who has the sporty ability. Besides, you have fun to associate with other people and you should have the feeling that you can impart knowledge to them. To establish an economic subsistence with skike you need other than that corporate capabilities, and the ability to expand your hobby to a sucessful business. Please don´t hesitate to ask us, we can show you examples and get you in touch with those who made it.

What includes the instructor's course?

The potential new instructor for skike has to accomplish all skike courses successfully. If there may still be deficites he or she will get some homework to do. After that follows one more time technique training, then if he/she is ready the exam will take place.

Why become a skike instructor?

There will certainly be different motivations to become a skike instructor. From having fun with this sport to buildup an economic subsistence with skike.

Will the instructors license be valid for good?

No, your license has to be renewed every 2 years.


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