skike Championships 2017

October- 7/8 2017 in Feucht (near Nuremberg/Bavaria- Germany)

Who can participate?

Everybody from everywhere!

  • Since it is an open championship there are no restrictions
  • There are 10 age groups SUB 13/15/17/19- 19-29- 30-39- 40-49- 50-59- 60-69- 70 und up


Allowed are exclusively skikes with pneumatic wheels

  • skike v07/v07s- skike V07 PLUS- v7 FIX CROSS- v7 LIFT CROSS- V8 TOUR
  • Max wheel diameter 150mm (625 inches)
  • R8 Rollers- skike SPEED models and skates of other brands are not permitted
  • skikes can also be rented for 10-- EUR a pair

The Track

Nature track in the Feucht Forest

  • track length SUB 13 - SUB 17 10 km (2 rounds)
  • track length above SUB 17 10 km (2 rounds)
  • one round 5km

Enrollment and fees

Early Bird Fees Participants over 18 yrs until June 30 = 25-- EUR Teenagers below 18 yrs until July 31 = 20-- EUR Normal Enroll Fee until August 31 35-- EUR until September 10 35-- EUR Late enrollment until October 7- 2017 60-- EUR

Enroll here

Links and Information



Information (German)

How to get there

And where is FEUCHT?

Freibad Feuchtasia Waldparkplatz Altdorfer Straße 66 90537 Feucht

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