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Finally it&39s there and finally it&39s in the store the skike Easy Guide App This small App will provide a bunch of interesting short video tutorials - especially interesting for beginners who either live far from coaches or who like to learn to skike on their own It shows how to adjust and to set up- how to use brakes and how to start riding your Nordic skates For the moment- the app comes in 12 languages - more might follow It is just approx 4 MB in size since all videos will not be loaded before you want to see them

As part of our company policy the skike Easy Guide App is for free- free of ads and will not ask any permissions when you install it - it&39s not because we don&39t want to know who you are - it&39s because we simply don&39t want to spy on you and save your battery life Please use the following link to download the Android version it or scan the QR Code on this page

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