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skike V9 - The new Cross Skate Series will blow your mind!

Lighter - Simpler - State of the art features and materials

The new V9 product line by skike offers excellent conditions for ambitious athletes. With these Cross Skates you will experience nature in a joint-gentle way, keep yourself fit and stay healthy. It is simply phenomenal. You can ski cross-country anywhere, right in front of your door and at any season of the year. All without having to sacrifice time for long journeys or to wax skis - simply inflate occasionally your wheels and you are ready to enjoy the outdoors. After having rolled on 6 inch for years, skike introduces 200mm / 8 inch wheels with the V9 series. In conjunction with reverse locks and the modernized binding concept, skike Cross Skates remain unbeatable on any terrain. To top it all off, it has new brake pads with cooling fins and a sensational lightness considering its capabilities.


See skike in Action

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