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skike WAHIA Rollerski Brake

skike WAHIA Rollerski Brake

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skike WAHIA is an universal brake for any roller ski - regardless of brand, material and design - and for all skike Rollers. The skike WAHIA works completely detached from the roller device - because this brake is not attached to the device but to the shoe. This unusual, yet revolutionary approach makes this brake the universal choice for any commercial roller ski. It can be used with any ski binding and its associated shoe, any shoe-size. The main advantage is that the user has quick and complete control over the deceleration without making concessions to his way of riding. With its approx. 200g the WAHIA brake is an absolute lightweight which remains virtually unnoticed at the shoe / leg. There is no additional weight to the roller's rear as for example with usual brakes. Now, for the first time, skates / roller devices with cross-country bond, including the new skike rollers, can be ridden with the higher safety given by reliable and properly working brakes. A simple self-assembly completes the perfection. Used with both legs, the deceleration value of 6.5 m/s² is fully consistent with the high standard skike reaches with all its skates since years. Wahia comes with 2 different wide brake shoes for small and wide tires and an extension to reach every rear wheel (optional to mount).

Technical details 

Weight: ~200g
Braking effect : approx. 6,5m/s² (both legs)
Mounting : directly on the ski boot, all brands and sizes

Scope of delivery

1 x WAHIA Brake
1 x Brake Pads A
1 x Brake Pads B

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