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SKIKE R9 WAHIA Rollerski 200 RLS

SKIKE R9 WAHIA Rollerski 200 RLS

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Introducing the Wahia, the ultimate all-terrain roller. With a lightweight, high-resistant aluminum frame and pneumatic 8 inch wheels, the Wahia combines the handling of a ski roller with the rough road capabilities of a skike cross skate. You can easily attach any ski binding and ride it on any surface, with support for NN, NNN, NNN-BC, and Salomon SNS bindings. Plus, the integrated reverse locks at the front wheels provide better climbing performance on slopes.

Technical Specs

Frame : Aluminum
Wheels : 6 x 1.25 inch / 150 x 30mm
Tires : Innova pneumatic tires 100 PSI
Binding support : NN, NNN, NNN-BC, Salomon SNS
Reverse Locks: yes, in both front wheels
Brakes : no (optional Wahia brake)!

Scope of delivery: 

2 x R9 Wahia 200 skates

8 x Binding Adapter

1 x tool set

1 x quick start guide

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  • A great excercise that challenges over 90% of your muscles! 
  • Low impact sport, stay mobile, stay safe! 
  • Anytime, anywhere, skate through any terrain at all times of the year
  • Unlike with other skates, brake safely with an easy to use system

Get ahead of the Season

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Why us?

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