Innovation and Creativity

At Skike, our mission is to offer customers a premium skating experience. We've developed numerous features to enhance comfort and freedom while using skikes, going above and beyond to provide rollerski options as well. With our commitment to excellence, we strive to elevate your skating journey to new heights.

Comfort and safety features

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels offer a smooth and cushioned ride, providing excellent shock absorption and enhanced traction for a more enjoyable skiking experience.


The reverse lock system further enhances skiking adventures, enabling users to stand still even on inclines and ensuring added stability and control during challenging terrains or when coming to a complete stop.


Skikes boast adaptable compatibility with shoe sizes, accommodating a wide range from EU sizes 36 to 47, ensuring that anyone can comfortably and confidently enjoy the skiking experience.

Our Brakes

Our brakes and braking system are designed to provide an easy-to-use, quick, and safe experience, allowing skikers to confidently control their speed and come to a smooth stop with utmost convenience.


Enjoy the unmatched versatility and adaptability of our skikes, as you have the freedom to adjust nearly all aspects, from the calf plate to the heel belt, the brakes to the wheels, ensuring a personalized and comfortable skating experience like no other.

Fix Technology

This unique skating technology with a fixed heel combines the benefits of cross-country skiing with biking and inline skating. This innovative design will feel especially efficient and natural in motion for beginners, making it easier to maintain balance and control. It's even easier to use if you already have a background in inline skating, ice skating or other endurance sports.

Lift Technology

Skike Lift technology revolutionizes skiking for cross-country and roller skiing enthusiasts. This innovative feature lifts the heel off the frame, simulating the classic skiing technique in summer. Enjoy the same winter routes and movements in summer. Train for the winter with skikes and the summer with skis!

Tour Technology

skikes TOUR-MULTI-Technology is designed to provide all technologies in one. Another innovative creation by skike. The TOUR-Technology can seamlessly switch between classic and skating style by combining many different features into one awesome product. The classic style, a.k.a mountaineering, makes no height unreachable. Climb new heights and feast on the beautiful view of this world. And then enjoy the declines by simply rolling back down with perfect control.
The v9 TOUR can even skate with fixed AND lifted heel while still providing the possibility of a seamless switch to classic style.

Wahia Brake

The Wahia brake for rollerskis is a game-changer for safety and performance. It's created to provide optimal control and stopping power on steep hills, traffic and challenging terrain. With an easy-to-use lever system. This brake IS NOT mounted on the frame but ON THE SHOE! This means that the balance of your skike-rollers or roller-skis will not be impacted! Take your roller skiing to the next level and stay safe with the Wahia brake!

Wahia Rollers

Already have roller-skis? Wanna go off-road sometimes? Or stop in the middle of an uphill climb? You should check out our r9 Wahias, they offer all that and more! You can mount PolyUrethane wheels and Pneumatic wheels for different journeys and even have the option to mount our awesome wahia brakes to complete your set-up!

Enjoy the versatility of our products today!