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Running, Cycling, new stimuli and how it all fits together!

Low impact sport

Skiking is a low-impact sport because it involves gliding on wheels with poles for propulsion, rather than pounding the ground with your feet. The wheels help absorb shock and reduce impact on the joints, making it a great option for those with joint pain or injuries. Additionally, the poles provide an upper-body workout that can help take some of the strain off the legs.

Improve your running performance!

Skiking can be an excellent addition to your training regimen if you're looking to improve your long-distance or high-speed running. As a full-body, low-impact sport, it enables you to train with minimal strain on your joints and can provide new challenges to help you surpass your current performance on the track.

skiking to bike

Skiing and biking are both popular sports, but they have their unique features and can complement each other. Skiking provides a full-body, low-impact workout that targets all areas of fitness, while biking can be a faster-paced activity. Despite the fact that biking involves the use of leg muscles, it may not engage all of them. Skiking can help address this by engaging all muscles and providing more power and endurance for biking. Incorporating skiking into a biking training program can enhance an athlete's overall fitness and performance.

New stimuli and health

skiking can provide new stimuli to any training because it demands a high concentration of fitness in all areas of fitness: balance, strength, speed, hand and eye coordination, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. All this and more is being improved while in the fresh air and constantly adapting to new surroundings. Being in touch with your self and the outside can add a new perspective to any part of your life.

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