Our History

In 2009, we proudly introduced the first skikes to the global market, pioneering the distribution of cross skates worldwide. Over the years, we have continued to innovate, unveiling a series of new models, from the v7 to the vx, v8, and now reaching the pinnacle with our latest v9, showcasing our unwavering commitment to advancing the skiking experience.

The FIX technology and the skike v07 series

As we embarked on this journey, we began with one prevailing and pleasing technology, which remains the foundation for the global development of our sport. But now, we look ahead to the future. What's next in store? Join us as we explore new horizons and take our passion for skike to even greater heights.

Check out the FIX model of today!

VX Series and the first heel lift ever!

After lots of creative channeling, samples and improvements, we brought you the VX Solo and the VX Twin. The birth of the Heel-Lift-System is inspired by our customers with a background in cross country skiing and exclusively provided by skike.

The heel lift has developed into the modern v9 FIRE

The v8 LIFT and more!

From the heel lift system's inception, we honed it into the skike v8 LIFT. But that's not all; we pushed ourselves further, introducing the skikes TOUR-MULTI-Technology. Seamlessly switching between skating and mountaineering-style, with our high-quality reverse-lock-technology, there's no height skike couldn't reach.

Updated and improved with our v9 TOUR 150

skike v9: after 15 years of Innovation

Skike introduces the epitome of innovative, versatile, and high-quality cross skating technology. From 200mm/8" Wheels as the standard for all technologies to a remastered TOUR-MULTI-Technology, built-in reverse locks in all models, and various Frame-Set-ups, skike offers enhanced braking efficiency through creative design. Experience the latest Belt systems, Binding Technologies, Rollers, and much more!

The v9 TOUR 200, the culmination of all our efforts

But Thats not all!


As we developed various safety features for our skikes, we wondered, what else could we do to develop a safer skating enviroment?

Soon we looked towards our close neighbor, the rollerski industry, a high speed sport that like us brings skiing to the road!

The result is the Wahia Rollerski brake, allowing you to mount a brake on almost any rollerski shoe, ensuring safe stops even at high speeds. Look no further to elevate your rollerski experience!

Check out our Rollerski and Rollerski brake!