Could skike be the sport for you?

For a diverse audience, but particularly captivating for those who:

Care about Safety

Our Braking Systems are top of the class and super effective. You can adjust them and then apply them as you see fit! That's not enough! We have many more features to keep you safe while enjoying a good training session!

All about skike's efforts to keep you safe!

Are passionate about Cardio

Our sport is super easy on the joints when compared to running and can enhance your cardiovascular and muscular performance massively!

Take a leap towards greater progress!

Love spending time with others

Our sport welcomes all ages, from young to old, and promises new experiences and sights to explore, reaching newer heights! It's not just for humans; even our four-legged friends like horses and dogs can join in the adventure!

Step forward and enjoy the company!

Have goals for Performance

Skiking trains all areas of fitness, engaging constant Balance, Movement, Explosiveness, hand and eye Coordination, Flexibility, and Speed. It activates 90% of muscles in your preferred intensity and style.

Discover 90% Muscle Activation!

Come from a skiing culture!

If you know skiing, then you know power. Whether it's alpine or cross country, you feel powerful because you are always testing yourself in NATURE. We bring this to your doorstep and make it available whether there is snow or not!

Embrace winter adventures in the summer!

Our v9 FIRE 200 in action