FIX FIRE AND TOUR in action!

Unmatched adaptability and safety

Take a look at all the awesome features skike provides

Shoe Sizes

Enjoy the convenience of any shoe sizes, accommodating EU 36 to EU 47. For the best experience, opt for shoes with a flat sole that stabilize the ankle during your skike adventures.

Skiing in Summer

Embrace year-round skiing with the freedom to glide on wheels, bringing the exhilaration of skiing to your summer adventures.

Anywhere you like

Discover endless terrain possibilities with Skikes as we conquer various surfaces, for exhilarating outdoor adventures."

Super Safe Braking

Take control of your adventure's speed with our bodyweight-controlled brakes, adjustable to your preferences. This technology, specially designed for skikes, has proven its effectiveness for over a decade!

Fitness and Performance

Experience the great outdoors with full-body engagement and endless discoveries. Achieve balance on skike wheels, enhance hand-eye coordination, and enjoy various skating styles at your preferred intensity. Get one of the best endurance workouts, building both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Pneumatic wheels

Conquer small obstacles like sticks or stones and gain superior grip on almost any surface. Experience reduced impact on your joints thanks to the pneumatic suspension effect.

  • Our skikes

    Explore our entire range, from the Skike Base Starter Kit to our advanced v9 TOUR model! Discover the perfect skike that suits your needs and preferences.

    Check out our skikes 
  • R9 Wahia Rollerski

    Introducing our R9 Wahia Roller Ski, your ultimate off-road wonder for traversing any terrain with ease!

    check out the R9 Wahia 
  • Wahia Rollerski Brake

    Already own a fine pair of rollerskis? Enhance your experience with our Wahia brake upgrade! It's the perfect addition to take your skating to the next level.

    Check out the Wahia Brake 
  • Check out our Poles

    Discover our diverse range of poles, designed to cater to every need from 110cm to 190cm. Whether you're looking for carbon poles, travel-friendly options, or adjustable ones, we've got you covered on all fronts.

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  • Accessoires

    Make your skike journey more convenient with our easy-to-use accessories. Say goodbye to worries about mud or flat tires!

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  • Wheels

    Discover a wide selection of wheels for all your skike adventures! Find the perfect wheels you may want or need right here.

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